Concert with Outlandish Friday d. november 3, 2023, 17.30-22.00

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It is a huge pleasure to present another new name on the poster in 2023 at Sagafjord! Join us for a great musical evening.

Outlandish are ready to continue their musical journey as they began
almost 18 years ago, with new music, and to go on tour again.

The group consists of Waqas & Lenny and their amazing band that they have been playing with for more than 10 years.
Their concerts will be a mix of the big hits and new music, including Aicha, Guantanamo, Walou, I Only Ask Of God, Callin’ U, Look Into My Eyes, Warrior/Worrier, and not least the new hit “Might Not Be Right”

The concert cruise is an intimate concert close to the artist, as is the distance to other guests. At our 6-person round tables, you may be seated with other guests.

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